Now Listening: Dimitri From Paris (feat. Mademoiselle Atlantique) – Nothing To Lose
Mood: Suspicious

People are still looking at Nenuphar. I guess that is where most of the traffic goes to. But I guess that after people see my latest pattern…


…I will be able to have even more traffic. Yay!

That was Saturday’s pic, by the way. Sunday’s…


…was me being lazy. Which it was most of the day. I spent a good dose of the morning in bed and the rest editing The Grey Destiny. Which is the working title of the Nano ’14, mind you. I think it might be fixed to a better title, but hey, dunno.

Today was one of those days in which I felt alarms running through my head, and I couldn’t help but feel very worried that people were in terrible danger. At least I looked spiffy.


Well, we have another cold front, and it’s expected for another one to come later this week. It’s hoodie weather, true, but I want to take my sweater and oversized kerchief (shawl) for an airing tomorrow. More on that later. ^_^


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