It Might As Well Be Spring


Now Listening: Astrud Gilberto – It Might As Well Be Spring
Mood: Joyful

I could not choose between the Gilberto version or the Blossom Dearie version. They are both fantastic and beautiful in their own way.

So today marks the first day of spring, also known as Vernal Equinox, Rites of Spring, Ostara, etc. And, tradition states that I take photos of the blooms and blossoms happening in the front yard. As follows.


There’s more coming, but this is the early spring bunch. These usually come in early April, but I’m guessing the cold and the rain we got helped speed things up.


If you notice, this batch has pure red blossoms. I discovered these beauties last year, and they look to be of dividing age later during the fall. We need more places for these bulbs, and I might consider them as a localized ground cover later on.


An aloe I planted last year, already sending out flowers and ready for dividing.

We also have roses. Loads of them.

Chrysler Imperial

A Chrysler Imperial, already blooming beautifully and very fragrantly.


Veteran’s Honor, one I got last year for Dad. It does look rather straggly, but I have great hopes for it in the coming months.


Blue Girl. I had to prune it rather harshly in January because it was very leggy, but it looks like it was needed because loads of leaves and blossoms are coming out. A drastic improvement. Also, one of the three roses that have been with us since we moved into the house 14 years ago. The other two…


Are unknown in my book. I would love to have these classified for future reference.

We also have this cutting.


An Autumn Damask, which looks weak and straggly as you can tell. I repotted it and gave it healthy dose of bonemeal and Epsom salts. Hopefully it will grow into beauty.

Plants needing planting

We also have all these plants that need to be planting: several roses, assorted annuals, and many bulbs. Hopefully we can get these done this week.


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