Spring Break Shenanigans


I didn’t get to do much Monday, Wednesday, or today, but Tuesday and Thursday…it beat staying at home. The days were cold due to the cold front we got Sunday, but it warmed up considerably Thursday. To such an extent that I want to skip class Monday and go back. *lolz*

But what I did…


…was have fun.


Tuesday’s photo. I got beads from taking shots of tequila. Forgot which brand, though. Was kinda too tipsy to remember. Heh.

As for Thursday…


Met up with an old friend who I haven’t seen in almost six years who lives on the Island, and she gave me that feather boa to strut around and go fab things with it. I got a few photos with traveling ‘Breakers, which was amazingly awesome. I also got some can o’beers out of the deal, which I gave to said friend.

What I did today, on Pi Day, is the topic of a future entry. Probably tomorrow’s.


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