Almost running commentary


Now Listening: Four Piece Suit – Do You Bossa Nova, Sophia?
Mood: Thankful

First of all, a happy Spring Break. Ours started the moment the last bell rang, and therefore, we have tomorrow until next Sunday for us to goof off and do things. I also might have a condo waiting for me later next week, but that remains to be seen.

But I have been catching up with people and with friends from all over and will keep on doing it as the week progresses. I even found some old fogies from my high school days. *waves to them*

So, first off, today’s photo.

Goofy moose being goofy

The hat is pure high school and the glasses are not mine, but that did not get me to acting like a pimp today. It’s been March Madness this past week, and it’s been pretty mad indeed, but all in all it was awesome to do.

Past Saturday was, of course being the first Saturday of the month, was Market Days in Harlingen, which had me to, of course, take photos of the things there.

119_2454 119_2456 119_2457 119_2461 119_2451

Didn’t get much there, because I was in a coffee-deprived fog, but I did managed to snag some of the Market’s legendary chocolate brownies. I need to get a photo of that booth next time I’m there. Also, I need to get more brownies. 😀


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