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Things have been rather fascinating here. If by fascinating, you mean, “interesting in a painful way,” then yes, it was fascinating.

Monday, I accidentally grasped a mug freshly heated by the microwave, and suffered from 2nd-degree burns on my fingers.

Burns from handling a heavy mug fresh from the micro

This was Monday afternoon, after dousing my hand under the almost-constant drip of the cool water faucet and the softly iced-over block of freezer gel. I was in hysterics and going through mood swings; yet another thing for family to embarrass me over during dinner.

That later that night, Cris gave me a late-Christmas gift.

A ukelele!

A ukelele! A blue ukelele! I need to get it restrung, though, but for now, I’m just playing with it and trying to get the finger positions down. Left hand, of course.


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