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First off, a sock.


Those are Kollage Square needles for those curious about them. I got them from the local Tuesday Morning for $5 — they were on clearance. Anyway, I got 3mm, 5in. doublepoints for I can use them for cuffs, but instead, I found they are doing nicely for the sock leg. They are a treat to work with.

Seeing that yesterday was a ‘holiday’, the school was closed, giving me a chance to spend the day at the Harlingen Library…


…where I found these beauties.


I only checked out the first book, alas. The other two will be checked out soon enough. But I’m getting a lot of ideas with the designing of the shawl pattern I mentioned earlier. I need to make it, though, to smooth out kinks, and then I’ll ask for test knitters (a few folks on Twitter already volunteered for it, though.)

Speaking of books…

Almost unabridged.

Found this book at a local bookshop and started to read it. It has lots more detail than the version I read in high school. Still, I’m on Book Five of the second part (‘A Dark Chase Requires a Silent Hound’), and it is an engrossing read. Lots of extra details. So far, so good.

Also, knitting hats.


The classmate asked if the hat was finished, so I have been working on it most of the time after class. I need doublepoints! And a 16in. circular needle. Both of US10 or US10.5. I cannot stand using the 29in. and the 32in. circs and need smaller lengths. -_-


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