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You know things have been gathering dust when you do not know exactly the last time you did something. In this case, posted to this journal.

*looks it up* Oh dear. A whole week since I did something. Oops.

At least I have the 364 Photo-A-Day with me still, right?


I have finally begun to make the companion of the other toe-up sock that I knitted in 2012. When Second Sock Syndrome hits, it hits hard.

Actually, I need to redo that first one, simply for the fact that I forgot the entire pattern how to do it. Thankfully, with this one, I am writing down things. Lots of things. I might make a pattern just to immortalize it.

Last night, I was looking for a decent instruction for toe-up heels, and getting nothing.

Until one of the fellow knitters on Tumbler (TheKnittingPirate) mentioned gusset heels and handed me a pattern. Well, you can see the results.

Sock heel!

Another reason why I need to redo the first one. This was a very interesting way of heel turning, and I like it. Might make this my number one way of doing heels for toe-up socks now. If I ever finish making a pair.

Also, I’m making a hat.

Fluffy hat brim!

A hat commission: A classmate wanted to make her a hat with the yarn, and I agreed to do it. I have to hurry though, because it isn’t cold anymore, and I have no idea when it will be cold again.


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