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So today is Mom’s 70th birthday, and we all hustled over to Gloria’s house to be wined and dined to our hearts’ content. I actually socialized for once, mostly with Samantha, but it is an accomplishment for me, because I would usually just mosey over to a corner and read (which I did, but I also knitted a bit, so no worries).

We also took photos.

Family photo

Will probably hang this on a wall later on, but right now, names. From left to right – Gloria, Lisa, me, Cris, Sam, and Diana.

Also included was the niblings.*

Family photo II

From top to bottom, left to right: Seth, Dan, Illiana, Caleb, Samantha, Terra, Stanly, Adrien, and Sophia. A good number of them are already past ten years old, which makes me feel kind of old, but almost all of my siblings are older than me. *mwhahaha*

*Niblings (n), a gender-neutral term for one’s nieces and nephews. Coined by linguist Samuel E. Martin in 1951 from nephew/niece by analogy with sibling. (thanks for Wikipedia for the last part.)


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