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Mood: Craving coffee

Yes, I’m here at school.

Yes! I am doing work. See?


That does not explain why I am typing this so early in the morning, though.

So, this past week had me kinda worried. I had the computer tower bail out on me last Monday, and Sam looked it over. Apparently, the heatsink was not only dusty but kinda off the motherboard bracket (You know, that lil’ piece of plastic that connects the ‘sink with the CPU). Anyway, after dusting off the ‘sink and replacing the thermal paste, we learned that the bracket itself was damaged, which explains the entire thing. Sam looked through the internet and various local vendors to see if we can find a replacement item, and we did find one, and it came in Friday.


I gave the ‘sink another good dusting before realizing I had to do that outside. Didn’t matter, seeing it didn’t get much out like it did Monday. Anywho, I was somewhat bothered at the fact that the bracket was not screwing in, and I had Diana help me for a moment before I gave up and handed the thing to her. The following conversation:

Diana, looking the bracket over: Uhm…you do know these are not the right screws, right?
Me: What?

Apparently, I was using the screws for the cover to attach the bracket. A newbie mistake that I did not want to admit, but there ya go. She tried not to rub it in. And failed. -_-

Anyway, after the bracket was put on and the ‘sink was put back in, I turned the tower on and was amazed at the quietness of the computer. It sounds like it’s brand new. So quiet. I missed that silence.

But now I’m missing the rattle the computer had all this time before.


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