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So, while we are the grips of a really cold snap*, it has been a really nice week so far.

However, I did make the foolish mistake of wearing shorts Monday.


I also got those books that were donated to us during the weekend into the book card again. The book sale is back in full swing, baby! YES!

I also took photos of this morning frozen items.

Winter storm '14 IWinter storm '14 III

Last night might be the worst of the front, where we were given Ice1 attacks on the car and the local flora**. We also learned too late that the school was to be delayed until 10 a.m. Not my thing, but the Wataburger was open and had plenty of people from around the region waiting for the classes to open.

I tried to design.


These images won’t leave my imagination alone! These sketches, they burn my soul!***

* To us that is. Lower 30’s is considered very cold to us, no matter how much the Northerners brag that the temps could be considered a ‘heatwave’. I love you guys.
** And the backyard table. Almost a half-inch of layered ice. It was weird.
*** *douses with holy water*


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