Running Commentary



Never realized just how weird my second chin is. *shrugs*

So, to do a catch-up, allow me to do a running commentary. With pictures!



I have been taking a small hiatus from knitting, but I saved time for the class I have every Wednesday.


Keep in mind that it is a larger group than these three. Usually gets up to six. And we had one guy, but his work schedule kicked him in the mule and he can’t get there until further notice.

But, as I mentioned before, I have plans. Beautiful plans. Beautiful shawl plans. *thunder crash*

Mental health


I have been given a clean bill of health by the doctor. Everything is alright with blood, thyroid, and other things. He was somewhat surprised, given my weight, but that has been pretty much every time I visit a doctor, so yeah. Anyway, he wants a month follow-up. Also, the clinic dietitian got me on a new diet plan, something I am eager to do, considering weight loss is part of my resolutions. He was surprised that I want to try powerlifting, and he was impressed by my workout schedule. Next time we meet he might want to tweak the diet somewhat to help with that.



We have been showing movies for a few months now, and we are planning on showing more as the months roll by. But that is not what I wanted to show you.


All these boxes? Most of them came to us yesterday, filled with books. They’re for the book sale we usually do

The trouble is that we have no cart. It’s going to be replaced/repaired in a few days, so at the moment, the sale is not happening. But we will have to do something; the monthly meeting’s tomorrow.

Also, as always, we’re looking for invitations for volunteers. *cough*


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