FO: Boneyard Shawl


One of the most straightforward of projects I made.

My finished project

Cris took this shot last night and I asked her to put it on Facebook. (Speaking of last night, did anyone see the Sherlock episode? Wow.) The shawl is a unisex thing, and I thought to make it my own.

First of all, the yarn.


I found this — and three other skeins — in one of the many rummage shops we have in Harlingen. I looked it through and bought them (however, all research on this brand came up with zero). It is a heavy worsted, maybe aran weight, yarn, all wooly, of a dark, dusty chocolate brown. I wanted to use the yarn into a cabled scarf in ’12 but that project frogged and instead put the yarn away for something else. So when I saw the shawl pattern, I thought to myself, oh I can use this yarn for it.

I also used a skein and a half of Universal Deluxe Worsted, color Sea Foam, which, from all research, appears to be a discontinued color. The yarn was held double to balance the heaviness of the other one.

Boneyard, before blocking

After it was cast off the needles, which were US10.5s and were needing to be put on circulars of the same size on the way towards completion. It was rather wrinkly, as you notice, and downright needing a bath.

Boneyard, during blocking I

I have no idea if this was caused by the dye in the brown yarn or the fact that the yarn was dirtier than I thought. I say it was the dye, because when I rinsed it, the water was less colored.

Boneyard, during blocking IIBoneyard, during blocking III

I stretched it out as much as I could, but I left the border alone. It didn’t need much pinning, but I put them all over the perimeter just to be on the safe side. The measurements of the shawl came out to be 56 inches wide by 26 inches long. The entire thing emerged to something I wanted to place close to my skin all day, which was what I did today.


Didn’t make quite the splash I was thinking it would at the school, which is good because everyone is like, “I don’t give a damn,” about this. Heck, the didn’t freak when I dyed my hair, so that should have been a sign.


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