Story short no. 2019


The thing has been sleeping for ages. The last time he was awake…he could not remember. Only his dreams kept him company. And what wonderful dreams they are, filled with brilliant memories that time could not remove from its memory.

A faint creak was heard in the distance.

The being, long attuned to the silence of the house, stirred from its slumber a bit. It was used to the occasional noises, but then it heard something else.


“Damn rain,” I said, standing in the decrepit building, trying to wring out the water from my shirt. Thunder boomed in defense.

“Well, fuck you too,” I muttered, trying to see my way down the hallway. The house was old and falling apart, a few of the windows boarded up. Lightning flashed, illuminating the crumbling stucco and the holes in the floor.

The house was well known in the city. Some crazy maniac lived here, the old folks said. Held huge, scandalous parties, their tongues wagged. Before the owner died, they said, he placed a curse on the property, saying that anyone who lived there would be met with an untidy fate.

No one believed it until the next owner was found on the street in front of the gated wall the day after he moved in, the body torn apart and tidily placed on the sidewalk. Their belongings were also placed on the sidewalk, the boxes unopened. No one wanted to move there anymore.

Soon, the house fell into disrepair. Although the city wanted to demolish the building, the fear of the curse grew too much for them to do anything.

Which leads this to me. And trying to escape a massive downpour. I just saw the first place to find some cover, and I was halfway down the path when I realized where I was.

“Hello!?” I called out, pausing for an answer. Of course, there was none.

My cell chirped. Surprisingly, it survived the weather. “Hello?”

“Dude! Where are you at?!”

“Oh, it’s you, Ralph. No hello or nothing.”

“Aw, did I hurt your lil’ feelings?”

“Shut up.”

The being arose from its place. The voice, it was welcome after such a long time of silence after his owner died. Or did was he killed. The being shuddered, trying to remember, but that time was so short…

It slithered to the doorway, acting on instinct, his mind curious. Who was this person, it wondered. Foe or friend? It sensed the noise was coming through the first floor, and it moved down the back stairs to investigate.

“Oh shit, you’re there, dude? What the hell did you do to get there?”

“Get wet,” I said. I heard a floorboard creak, then heavy movements. “Listen, I think someone coming. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Nah, we’ll be crying over your funeral!” Ralph shouted over the line. He hung up.

“Fucker,” I muttered, putting the phone back in my pocket, and looked back outside. The rain still showed no sign of stopping.

I felt my neck prickle, and I turned around to find a huge mass of something across the room. “The hell?” I said, taking a step back. Lightning illuminated the room, casting itself on the thing. It looked to be shiny plastic or some other kind of material, and must have been seven feet tall.

“I guess I didn’t see it before,” I said, calming down a bit and walking slowly to the thing. It must have been a sculpture or something, he thought. Just what an eccentric guy would have in his house.

Then it moved, oozing down and moving towards me.

“Fucking hell!” I yelled out, turning towards the door only to find it already closed and covered with shiny black ooze. I looked around, trying to find someplace to run to, but all entrances were blocked by the same substance. The only place I could find that might have been considered to escape was the stairs, but in front of them was the mass.

“I-I didn’t mean to come here,” I said, backing away and trying not to touch the surrounding ooze. “I was trying to get out of the rain. I-I can leave if you want. I promise I won’t say anything.”

The mass stood there, as if expecting something.

“What are you anyway?” I asked, looking around for something to break a window. Lighting flared, showing the room covered in the ooze and slowly converging around me.

“Shit!” I tried to find any opening in the place, but the ooze covered everything. I felt something crawl up my leg, and I looked down. A tentacle of the stuff was wrapped around it. I tried to kick it off, but it felt like the leg was locked in concrete.

“Help!” I cried out. “Someone help me! Anyone!” Thunder crackled in response.

I tried to shout again, but another tentacle whipped from the floor and covered my mouth. I tried to pull it away, but two more tentacles shot out and pulled my hands down. I felt another tentacle wrap around the other leg, making me effectively trapped. A cold tingle across my back told me that the thing was crawling up to my head. I struggled against the bindings, but it was like I was swimming in clay. Tears ran down my face, and I was feeling that I was going to make a mess on the floor.

All this time, the blob was immobile, as if it was waiting for something. That’s when I felt something prickle my head, digging into my scalp. I had the sensation of having my mind minutely examined. My eyes rolled back and I slumped against the bindings.

The being deftly analyzed his capture. A slight jolt of alarm from the creature told it that he was unconscious. Interesting.

It dug into the brain, looking for the connections for the conversion to start. If his maker was here, he would have chided over the over-eagerness the being had, but he was not here. He would never be here.

Ah, finally! It dug in deeper, the feelers mimicking the neurons for the necessary connections and begun the transfer.

I dreamed. They were dreams of impossible places and things. Flying cars shooting lasers at fleeing crowds of people. Machines of horrifying design scything through people and other machines. A man in bloodstained leathers looking over me and saying something that I did not hear. Then, blackness.

What was going on?

A…ost…need…ost… The words were faint and almost unintelligible.

What? I tried to turn to the source of the voice, but something held me down.


I didn’t understand. The dreams kept flittering through my mind. Armies of men in heavy armor being torn apart by massive explosions. Being encased in a tube of bubbling fluid. Someone trying to write something on a chalkboard. A pool of black sludge encased in a giant metallic silo.

We…we need host…

Host? For what? I tried to strain against the bindings.

Caution! I felt alarm, pure and primitive fright. Connections…not finished yet…

More images. A gigantic explosion in the middle of a town square. Endless sheets of calculations. The man from before, the face heavily lined now, nodding and spoke once again. A heavy shell encasing me. A blue orb hanging in the middle of a star-studded sky. Earth.

My eyes opened to darkness.


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