I never have a chance to say everything I want to say.
But that’s okay, I don’t need to say a thing anyway.
-Lemon Demon, ‘Vow of Silence’


This past week has been pretty quiet, really, truly. It has been cold, due to the artic spiral stuff, but recently it has been back to its mild 70F temps. Also, I’m struggling over my schoolwork – accounting for merchandising is not fun. At all.

Still, the week has its highlights.


Wednesday, I took the day off from school to get rid of some frustration with the weights. Before I did so, though, I treated myself to Shipley’s and had one of their epic cinnamon rolls. I need to take a photo of one later on.

I also got some new books for the Knitting Class.


They came in a few weeks ago, but since the Class was out of commission during the holiday season, I never bothered to bring them out. Until Wednesday, where the ladies were thrilled at them and tried out some patterns, learning as they went over the designs. I also showed them Boneyard, and gave them a copy of the the pattern so they can try making their own. (I have no idea if that was allowed in the world of copywrite, though.)


Thursday, a friend took me to someplace I never been to: A restaurant by the name of Capitol City. Where I was treated out to this delicious creation. I need a better cameraphone to give you a proper image, but it was a good three inches high when I put it all together and bigger than my hand. I wanted to finish it, but, alas, I could not.

Friday was the day of the doctor’s appointment, and golly, we were trying to figure out where the new building was. We zig-zagged about Harlingen and got lost a few times before finding the place. Also, the guys had no record of getting an appointment, which sucked really. However, everything resolved itself in the end: I got the physical and was given a clean bill of health.

Well, almost a clean bill. The doc seemed worried that my thyroid could be causing my depression and had his nurse get some blood samples. He also had a dietitian look me over, and he was impressed at my eating habits. But he wants me to come back to him when I come back for the lab results.

I would continue with this, but I am falling asleep in my chair, and the bed is gently calling my name…


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