I want you.
I need you.
But there ain’t no way I’m ever going to love you.
-Meat Loaf, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”

Hello. With all of this cold air moving around everywhere, I am worried about the friends that are upcountry. I hope they are staying warm and safe there.

We are also having cold too. The temps are 38F and feels like 30F. I have walked in this kind of weather, though, many times, through the sleet and the wind, so I can sympathize somewhat with those who have to walk in minus temps. You see, to us deep southerners, the 30s are minus temps. *lol*

Yesterday, however, it was bright, warm, and sunny. Sunny enough for me to clean under my bed.


Where I looked through one of my biggest collections: The Magic the Gathering collection.

My oooold MtG collection

I have seven binders of cards, all of them filled to the brim with loads of cards. No two alike, I boasted, unless it was for another collection. I also have three boxes of cards. And two decks. Unfortunately, I stopped collecting several years ago, or else I would have had way more than I have now.

Today, however, marked the first day of school after the so-called holiday.


Friday, one of my teachers called and asked if I was interested in doing a seminar in tax preparation. After the seminar I to be able to volunteer myself to do do taxes for the ’14 year. I agreed today, and got this.

Books for tax class

A few textbooks and a lot of notes to take down. I need to go to UTB later this month to take a seminar on how to use the software that is to be, er, used. So far, so good.


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