If moose could purr, that is. Heh.

The New Year is slow, but it is very early still. The year is quite infantile in its way. But it was alright.

Today, was the first Market Days of the year in Harlingen, and I, of course, went.


I also knitted.


The Boneyard is doing fine, if a bit too tedious on the needles.


And apparently it is to be bigger than this. I’m shivering with delight. Or would if I had a 40-inch US10.5. I’m running out of space on the needles I have already! X.X

And I found some nifty tunage.


It isn’t everyday that I actually get CDs *coughcough* but when I find them I get good ones. To me, that is.

So, when I got home, I found a package that Mom picked up. I opened it and found a new friend.


A cuddly moose plush! I should make a collection of them. 😀 Anyway, this was a gift from a good online friend of mine. I cannot thank him enough. Well, I can, but I need another stamp…


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