New year & New resolutions


Let’s start off things off with this photo of last night.

Happy New Years!

I got a bottle of champagne from the local grocery store and almost drank the entire bottle; Diana drank a glass. But the dang thing got me so tipsy that I did not trust my feet or my hands. I may have done a few ‘drunk’ tweets, but that is as much as I will say. *cough*

Anyway, I stuck by my traditions last night – spending New Years jamming out to Steely Dan, reading Pratchett’s Dodger – and I mulled over the plans I had made and will make. Let us get to last years.

Get back into working out. Succeeded! Found a gym that charges $10 a month and I have been getting back into the swing of things.

Try to get into a diet. Or at least eating healthier. Also succeeded. Somewhat. I am not touching anything with HFCS or artificial sweeteners, and was drinking more water. However, after the loss of the job at the News I did get into a bit of a bump pigging out on McDs, but I snapped out of it.

To embrace chaos, in all forms. Done! I swerved around a good number of bad calls, enjoyed what happiness I could get, plowed through the troubles I had with the grace the Gods have given me, and basically sailed smoothly.

To get myself out of my room and into the outside! Also succeeded. Less chatting, more gardening. Less hermit mode, more bus rides and library trips. Dad would have been proud.

Minor ones like getting a job didn’t work, but I did find a career college. And I am still thinking of a tattoo later on.

New resolutions? The major ones:

  • Try to lose weight. Ten pounds at least. I am fond of my belly, it being with me since middle school, but I need to say goodbye to it.
  • Get my mind in proper order. That is a given, considering that, at the moment of writing, I have a plan for therapy that was given to me Monday and will be done to the letter, according the doctor.
  • Be more creative. I have knitting under my belt, and I am learning crochet now. I find books on tie-dying and kits also at Hobby Lobby. I find cookbooks at used-book stores. I am tempted to try screen printing, jewelry making, and many other things. I just need the time and the energy to do all this.
  • Gardening! I have lots of plants needing to be put into the ground and loads of plants to put into pots. I have several roses needing to be settled in, some things to be removed, lots of branches to prune, etc. It’s gonna be a busy time, but I’ll enjoy it.

Minor include, as usual, getting a job, trying to be more assertive with Mom, dealing with life in general.


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