Seeing that it was the last Monday of the year, I decided to use the time for some book reading.


One of those books I find while browsing the stacks. However, the book that I found is a small encyclopedia on printing.


Including screen printing. Which got me to think that we can combine some printing techs with some of those new Lumi photosensitive inks that I keep seeing at Hobby Lobby. Those things are amazing. I would gladly get a bottle of one, but I fear it would gather dust along with all of the other fabric art stuff I have. -_-

I also went to the mental health clinic today, as mentioned a few days ago. Diagnosis? Depression. And I told them everything that has been happening lately. The blue moods, the grey ones, the bouts of anger, etc. They took all of that into account from the last time I was there (back in early March? Don’t remember) Anywho, I got seen by a doctor in another clinic via videophone, and she was very kind and understanding. She and the interviewer helped me out and gave a three-month treatment plan — counseling mostly.

All in all, I am happy that I will be looked at after all this time. I feel that the end of the year did well for me.


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