Countdown to the end


Now Listening: Pizzicato Five: Ca et La Du Japon – À Tokyo
Mood: Moosie

The end is almost here. The end of 2013, that is. And I celebrate it in my usual fashion, by treating myself to food.

Egg drop soup!Chicken curry!

I have been going to the China Restaurant through out the year, and after yesterday’s workout, I thought to treat myself to lunch. Never tried chicken curry so I was in for a taste adventure. Smokey sweet and hot, it was very good.

Today, I was home. And trying my hand again at crochet.


After going through Wal-Mart and noticing just how easy it was to make a granny square quilt, I got inspired to try my own. Found a basic tutorial and went from there.

My first granny square

All acrylic yarn. I have to say that it is this yarn is designed for this sort of thing: A bit of stretching with the square and it behaves readily. I already added more rows with this lil’ thing, and plan to make more as time passes. If I make the squares a foot each, I would need 24 for a 4x6ft throw. Or a coverlet. Or something.


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