Happy Holidays



I got nothing but two restaurant gift cards. After all of the place-dropping on Facebook and everything, I got two !@#$% restaurant gift cards. I’m so lonesome I could cry, as the song goes.

I have mentioned that I have been seen by a local mental health clinic earlier this year, and that I have been on the waiting list since then. Well, a few days ago, they called me saying that I have an appointment set up Monday. Part of me is relieved that this finally finishing, and the other part of me is scared. I have stressed then that I want no drugs at all, that they come as a last resort. However, I am kinda edgy at the fact that they will give them anyway. I rather not take them, ever.

Though, if I do take them, I probably will not be taking silly photos like this one.


Or maybe more of them. Who knows.


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