Where to begin…


Let us start with this:

My Christmas Card collection

I have worth! I have love! *razzes*

Actually, it’s the friends who sent me Christmas cards this year. I am particularly fond of this one.

Syr's and Bear's card

This came from the same person who is patiently waiting for the Guilder scarf I made for him earlier this year. (Yes! I have not sent it. I’m a very lazy moose.) It is a very pretty card, if I do say so myself.

Let us continue with this:

Christmas cards! 119_2226

All of the cards that I sent out yesterday morning. I used up all of my leftover cards from the past three years, so next year I have to buy new ones. Or wait until Thursday to scour the Christmas specials… *cough*

Still, almost 20 people. A radical difference from the seven I originally had three years back. Yay!

Then there was yesterday.


I was helping to set up the Library’s annual Christmas program, starring the One O’Clock Guitars from UTB-RGV (long story about that name)


They played classic guitar music, both holiday and non, and it was pretty cool all over.


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