Well, they changed the layout of the wp-admin page. How odd. A bit more fluid than usual. Hope it stays.

SO! I put up the Christmas tree the first of December.


Finally no ‘early’ holiday season. Christmas came in at the first, and I couldn’t be any happier. I just hope it keeps going.

Yes, I have been knitting. Not the shawl, or the Scarf, or the Striper. Just things.


Like this scarf for Mom. Seeing it is in Dallas Cowboy colors — she is a fan of the team — I thought it would be an excellent Christmas gift.

I’ve also been making hats.


This is a commission work. I need to send it off and the recipient’s card also. More kitten fluff for me!


It has been rather cold here. In the upper30’s, which is frigid for us South Texans. Still, we’ve adjusted.

Also, schoolwork has been kicking my arse.

119_2131 119_2142 119_2144

Never mind the third photo. That was today’s photo.

Yes, I and my fellow classmates are finally understanding just how much paperwork there is in accounting. Sheets and sheets of the stuff. And we have been told it is to get worse. Gah. Just when I need to get my Christmas cards in order and my other packages to be sent out. *sigh*


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