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Yesterday and today had me writing.


That was last nights. I was burning proverbial midnight oil and flailed at reaching 48,124 words.

This morning, I made myself my annual Thanksgiving Hash.

Thanksgivng hash

Hunkered down and wrote. It was about 2:30 or so when I looked at the word count. I reached 50K.

I did it. I won. I actually won.

Nanowrmo '13

I typed another hundred or so words, then I saved it, closed the laptop. And cheered.

This is something I never thought I would do. Ever. I am extremely humbled by those professional authors who do this for a living. Writing, I mean, not the Nano thing.

And now, I am tired, and bushed, and know full well that I will pull up the laptop tomorrow to finish the story.

Yeah, ya heard me right. The book is not finished. Not by a long shot. Maybe another thousand or so words to go. Maybe.



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