He said, “I saw you when you kissed my daughter…”
-Sarah Vaughan, “One Mint Julip”


First outing with the hat in a while. I like it. Makes me looks snazzy.

Anywho, I got a package in the mail today.


I didn’t know what it could be until I opened it and found these.


Yes, that is yarn. Yes, they look stunning. 😀

A bit of back story. I joined a Secret Santa yarn swap on Ravelry, and I got so busy with school that I forgot about it. Until today. It doesn’t matter, though, because the color is vibrant and so bright.


Hurray for local business yarns! Alas, despite my research, I cannot find a colorway name. I’ll just name it ‘Ocean Sun’, because it does look like a sun above a rich blue ocean.


I also got a huge assortment of teas, including some that are not found here. I have yet to try any of them out, which is alright, considering I have tea already in the cupboards. 😀


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