I’ve got the news



I have been on this table since Friday. I have been writing, trying to catch up on the word count, currently at 24,500. I am a day behind, and I do not think I will ever catch that day’s worth of words. It is kind of disheartening, but dang it, the story is fine (to me), the characters interesting (to me again), and the plot is somewhat interesting (to who else?).

I have been nomming sandwiches.


And knitting.


Yeah, that’s the Striper. I’m doing a few rows just to get me not staring at the screen.

However, as I said before, the story is doing fine. It is as Gaiman once said, “Put one word after another. Find the right word, put it down.” And I am. With a little revision. 😀

Another quote!

“She asked Freddie to dance,” Con said, almost drowsily, his eyelids fluttering slightly. “We started talking about other things. Lola bought us another round of drinks. Why am I imagining you on a bed and dressed only in a jock, sarge?”
“Ah, the medication must be taking effect,” the clipped voice said. “One of the quicker side effects is libidinous daydreams, I am afraid. Do not pay attention to them, Sargent, and do carry on.”


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