I’m still here. People have been commenting that I look one of them redheaded Spaniards. lol

Another dose of my story!

“Jeeves?” Billy said. “Why that name?”
The computer gave off a quiet cough. “I am modeled after the character Reginald Jeeves from the novels of P. G. Wodehouse, sir,” it said. “During the construction of the Kami Forty Nine, the computer programmers thought to put his sensibilities into my personality matrixes, thus making me an excellent companion for any driver.”
“So, this is a Forty Nine, huh?” Con said, eyeing the slim lines, the smooth architecture, the easeful comforts. “Not bad. I take the metro myself.”
“Indeed sir,” the computer said. “Alas, the Kami Metro Line does not have such privileges, if I may be bold to say.”
“I have to agree to that,” Billy said. “Although, I have been in the family’s Elite Thirty Seven.”
“Ah, the Thirty Seven Elite,” the computer said. “An excellent vehicle to drive in. I would set forth an emotion of approval, if I were human, sir.”


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