Con fiddled with a wrist and the suit flicked off, displaying a psychedelic tie die shirt of green, yellow, and red with the words “I like big balls! And they’re such big balls!” emblazoned in the front. A dingy blue set of slacks and black sneakers also were on him.

Don’t talk to me now. I am 2,000 words behind with the story.

Still, considering that last year I was a good 6000 words behind when I was at the second week, it is a bit of an accomplishment. It’s the plot that is happening. Or the lack thereof. Still, it’s alright.

SO! Let’s play catch up. Starting with this.


Diana, lovable sister that she is, dyed my hair to a red on Wednesday. I think the color was L’Oreal’s Preference Mega Red No. 3. I could be wrong. Anywho, I love it. It is a subtle red. Kinda surprising, but considering that my hair is pure virgin black, it was somewhat expected. I might get another go at this in a later date.

In other news, I’m still writing.


And reading.


This is the book.


It’s a lively book on grammar that I found at the Market Days today. Very awesome, and proving itself useful in the writing.

Now, time to catch up on the word count…


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