Finished Object: Donuts Hoodie


This is Marty.


As you can see, he’s wearing the Donuts hoodie that I made for him. It took me a bit over a year to make it. This might be a thing for me, having sweaters be a year or so long to make. Hope not. *shoves The Striper into the Procrastination Bin*

Name: Donuts by Benyamin Conn
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Wool! Solids, lost track with how many balls total
Needles: US8 Double-points and circulars

This was one of the oddest projects I did, mainly mainly the kangaroo pouch. Everything else was just plain sailing. The pattern was pretty cool, though, considering how slowly I knit, I think it will be a while before I make another one.

I mean, I haven’t finished the last sock pair yet! 😐

Another pic of it drying on the foam boards last week.


Yes, you heard that correctly. These pics were taken last week. I gave him the hoodie last Friday. I have gotten so damned lazy with this journal that it’s unbearable. And it will gather more dust when I start on Nanowrimo ’13.

Oooh, unlucky number thirteen. Not for me!


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