Love truth, but pardon error. -Voltaire

I have been so caught up with school and knitting and whatnot, that I completely forgot this place. No, like, really.

Nothing much has been happening, really. Things have been kinda slow. Though, I did have a facial last week.


Diana, up and coming beauty consultant, gave me a whole-hog facial for my birthday, and it was amazingly awesome. I almost fell asleep because I was that relaxed. Here, she’s applying a clay masque on me, which I usually put on every three months or so. Helps with my skin. 🙂

I also had the first McRib of the season.


Friends took me out to a birthday dinner Saturday, and I had my fill of two McRibs and fries. mmmph…

School is kinda okay.


We only get a half-hour lunch, but someone comes in and sells stuff, to which I bought on yesterday. Classes are alright, if a bit tedious. I know it’s terrible to think, but it’s how I usually think. *shrugs* At least we can dress up for Halloween. ^__^ No idea for what I’ll dress up as, as always. Might be the usual all-black ensemble, though. Dunno for sure.

And, of course, it was Knitting Club today.


Speaking of which, I’m done with the Donuts hoodie. 😀


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