Check my gas, it’s on the empty line
Fill it up while I go waste some time
-NRBQ, “Howard Johnson’s Got His Ho-Jo Workin'”

It’s my birthday week, and I couldn’t be more despondent. I blame the weather. I want it to be cold, not near-90s. Sigh. At least the events have been okay.


Since Cris worked the night shift on my birthday proper (yesterday), we had a celebration Monday. We didn’t have a cake, but plenty of cupcakes. And homemade lasagna made by me. Classic four-layer, the filling inspired by James Beard’s recipes. More on that later.


Tuesday was alright. I turned 34. Had lots of Facebook and Twitter shouts, but no gifts. I know I shouldn’t care, but dangit, I’m spoiled. I demand gifts. *eyerolls*

Today? Eh.


As I mentioned before, this week is the first week of my school, and I couldn’t be any more intrigued. The classes are fun, full of interesting and fascinating people. The professors are cool. And I’m seeing a few surprising faces: Just folks I didn’t expect to see there. Also, a very interesting fascination into my knitting.

Speaking of which, today marks the return of the Knitting Club over at the local library.


Not much, but better than what I had when I first started.


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