I was having this discussion
In a taxi heading downtown
-Paul Simon, ‘Gumboots’

These days had me kinda rushing things.

119_1981 119_1977

The FotL voted last month to once again have Saturday movies. I had the pleasure of making the marquee sign Monday, then resizing it Tuesday, since it was way too big for the case outside. It’s scheduled for two weeks of the month, and this week’s movie is a classic Muppets movie. Next time will probably be a Halloween movie. Maybe.

Today, however, had me reading.


I found Ann Lander’s Wake Up And Smell The Coffee! at the Harlingen Library, and I wanted to check it out, but I had the limit of books already checked out, so it didn’t work. :\

Also, I’m going back to school.

I mentioned earlier that I went to a career institute for paperwork. Today I finished all of it. It is a course in ‘Business Accountant Specialist’, which will take eight months and lots of studying to finish. There’s a good market for this job here and everywhere, so I think I’ll do fine.

However, it starts Monday. The day before my birthday.

Yes, I’m already planning on the cake. And it will be spectacular.


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