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Now Listening: Herb Albert – Aranjuez (Mon Amour)
Mood: Devious

It’s been pretty interesting here lately.


I finally packed the purple hat and the Guilder scarf. I just need to send them out. Hopefully this week.

I’ve also been reading this –


Which is a fantastic finish to the entire series. I mean, it’s amazing and filled with twists and suspense worthy of the series. It is amazing. I will cry when I finish this, I know I will.

Friday didn’t have me do much apart from going about and just touring the city by bus.


I also ate at Denny’s again. I might be addicted to their Biscuits and Gravy. Might.

Saturday, however, had me cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.


I have been following a Tumblr page by the name of Unfuck Your Habitat, and they had a challenge of Saturday cleaning, which I accepted. Some things (like cleaning room) were not done, but I did get the bed sheets washed. Dishes were cleaned, floor was swept and mopped, bathroom made very tidy.

I might have to get the hang of doing the Rule of 20/10, in which you do 20 minutes doing cleaning, then taking a 10 minute break. It helped out immensely.

And today I have been knitting The Scarf.


It helps pass the time away, and I’ve been knitting it everywhere I go. People are already used to it.


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