Offs and Ons


Saturday was marshmallows!


I tried out a simple recipe of marshmallows this weekend, and it was indeed quite simple. I didn’t know just how simple it was, to be honest: You whip egg whites until they’re firm, then beat in soft-ball-stage boiled syrup until fully incorporated, then gelatin that’s been softened in water then melted. After that, you beat until cool and pour into molding tray. They came out so sweet and mellow. The kids loved them – and everyone else did – but I needed to cook the syrup a bit more, maybe to hard-ball-stage syrup. Also, they came out so danged sticky, maybe because I didn’t beat them until completely cool. Lessons learned!

Sunday was reading!


The Harlingen Library has been getting a wide assortment of knitting books, probably because of their knitting club (more on that later). These are two of their latest, and I can honestly say that these are the most interesting books of knitting I have read, more than Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears. I’m inspired to make my own designs again. The moment I finish what I have on the needles. >.>

Today and yesterday were hats!


It is October Country, after all, and I am planning on becoming either an undertaker or a really gay (read: drag) witch for Halloween. Either way, it’ll be an fascinating change from my usually black ensemble.


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