I made a hat.


A copy an Edith Gru hat from the movie Despicable Me.

Almost a true copy. The earflaps and cord should have been longer. I need to figure out how to do that. Maybe an extra knit row in-between flap decreases? Hm. Of course, this hat probably isn’t knitted in the first place, seeing there’s seam bumps where the colors meet. Oh well.


Wednesday was a job fair, in which I applied for a few jobs as well as applied for a career school. I took the tour at the said school yesterday, which was when the pic was taken. After the meeting, I took a small lunch at the local Sonic before heading home. I also knitted a bit of The Scarf, as you can see. It’s doing fine so far.

Today, Mom took me to Denny’s.


We found that we can get biscuits and gravy with either an egg or a hashbrown rather cheaply. Along with their delicious coffee, it was a rather good breakfast.

I also bought a rose.


The local supermarket a huge pallet of these beauties, and I was smitten. However, they didn’t have any identification, which was readily fixed by Rogers Roses Identification, which apparently determined it to be ‘Pinstripe’, a miniature rose of mid-80’s introduction. I say ‘apparently’ because I have doubts that this might not be so, but I really do not care, because it is, as I said before, quite beautiful.


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