I baked a cake.

Kinda said in the James Bond parody done by bunnies. Kinda.


Today’s Dad’s birthday. Despite him gone all this time, we still celebrate it. Nothing bad about that, right?


Those are the Italian prune plums that I mentioned in passing last year. I did promise myself that when they came back in season, I’d buy them again, and I kept that promise at least. When I get to buy them again, I might make them into jam, using this recipe. Might. I keep making promises to make jam and send them as Christmas gifts. It’s terrible, I know.


I don’t think Dad would like this cake. I don’t remember him liking plums. Peaches, maybe, but not plums. In fact, I don’t remember him eating any fruit, apart from grapefruits, in which he would peel both pith and membrane to enjoy the juicy pink pulp within. Still, it is a very simple recipe, kinda like an upside down cake but without the pineapple. Instead, it’s slices of plums and peaches that were seasoned with cinnamon and ground ginger. It was a good hit with the kids.

Now, if only I can get back to baking bread…


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