And you are right.
And we are right,
And all is right, is right as right can be!
-Gilbert & Sullivan, The Mikado

Well, the shawl’s doing fine enough.


Lacy shawl in the making!

However, these past days have not been fine. I mean, how much time can one fit in to do something?! I have keep getting distracted with the net and reading that I do not have any time really to make bread or do gardening (Note: It has been raining, so not much gardening has occurred lately).

And knitting.

I mean, they just sit there, on my desk or hidden away in my bag, and I look at them, do a few stitches, and go back to figuring out how to buy an antimatter compressor on Cookie Clicker. I’m up 119,118,327.4 per second, by the way.

I mentioned this earlier – that the net would kill off most productivity and have me to shift back to my old habits of being a lazy layabout. At least I’m not online on the chats. That would kill what little time I have.

But still, with me and taking the bus to places I want to go and doing this and doing that are just eating up all the time I want to have. It’s kinda selfish, I know. I just never realized that having nothing to do can be so time-consuming.


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