Category of scones


Did I just read a blog entry on scone morphology??

Complex Projective 4-Space

(This post is completely unrelated to the category of cones. Apologies if you were mistakenly directed here by a fuzzy search engine.)

In May 2013, the category theorist Dr Eugenia Cheng (whom you may recognise from her quotations on the Imre Leader Appreciation Society) wrote a paper on the ideal cream tea. This received a lot of media attention, including from the Daily Mail, Telegraph and The Aperiodical (in increasing order of accuracy).

The paper discusses the optimal proportions of cream, strawberry preserve and scone for an ideal cream tea. Unlike most academic papers, this one has an accompanying video:

I was slightly disappointed that there was no category theory in the paper, despite the author being a category theorist. It did, however, explicitly mention that the preserve should be added before the cream, in the style of the Cornish. By comparison, residents of Devon advocate the reversed approach of adding the cream first…

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