This weekend had me knitting! Another no-brainer for you.



Something I’m making for one of Diana’s friends: An slight variation of the EZ 100th Anniversary Gull Wings Half-Circle shawl that I did back in 2012, but this time, making it with a skein of Knitpick’s Alpalca Cloud Lace, color Smoke Heather. I’m making an educated guess on the color because I lost the tag a long time ago.

Also, I will have to fix this a bit so it’ll be a shawl-ette, seeing that I only have 440 yards of this slick, soft, shimmery yarn. More on that when I get there.

I also got yarn Friday.


No idea when these will be used, but I’m sure another Wingspan is going to be the works. Or something to that effect. Maybe a Metalouse or a Groove scarf. Maybe.

In the meanwhile, The Scarf is doing fine.



I’ve been knitting it everywhere I go. Makes people freak out when I knit on the bus, but hey, it kills time, and it’s going very basic, despite its length.


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