(This Entry Has No Title)


It’s raining. There’s a no brainer for you.

It has been raining all week. That is kinda remarkable, seeing that it rained during the early summer. Now that it’s late summer – by Texan standards – it is kinda fitting, really. Fall is finally making itself known here. Or not.

To be honest, I haven’t done much of anything. Just sleeping.


But then, I did go to UTB Tuesday for paperwork.


There’s this bridge that goes across the campus and connects to the new library and other buildings. Also, look at those dark clouds! I had to miss the last morning bus home because it was raining buckets a while after.

Wednesday I went window shopping and found a kitten.


Super cute and adorable. Didn’t buy it though. Next time I’m there, though.

Today, I’m knitting.


I’m also looking into lacy shawl patterns and trying not to get into the temptation to cast on. Succeeding somewhat, but the patterns are just so beautiful…


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