*insert title here*


It’s these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same…

-Jimmy Buffet, ‘Changes in Latitudes”

It has been an interesting time over here. The thought of it has me misty-eyed. FYI: I can wax dangerously sentimental at times, even crying over phone books.


119_1843 119_1852 119_1831 119_1848 119_1853

I got invited to a beach party/bonfire Saturday afternoon with some old college friends, and we had a fantastic time. I spent most of the time shell hunting, and had help from the guys.


Even got a sand dollar…well…


It was whole when I found it. It broke on the ride home, what can I say? *shrugs*



What more could be said?

Actually, yesterday was our Monthly Library Meeting, in which four (including me) came over. It is my fault because I was so busy with other things that I forgot to let people know. I really need a Secretary for these things…oh wait…


I went to UTB this morning and completely wasted my morning there. I needed to find out about my appeal from the VA, seeing that Dad was a veteran and all. Anyway, I come up to find that the office was moving to another place in the campus, and that they wouldn’t be able to get any information until next week or so. -_-

Not to mention that I forgot to bring my wallet over so I couldn’t get breakfast. At least I got some sleep during the bus rides to and back.

So I come home and helped myself to coffee.


I also need to knit. More on that later.


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