I am severely considering putting ellipses as a placeholder for any entry that does not need a title. LiveJournal does have that advantage, I would say. *nodnodnod*

So, how’s you? I am, as always, here. I would be there and everywhere, but I spent the day playing Minecraft and kicking the ‘net router, since I can’t get the net.

I have also been knitting a new project. A hat.


Started Wednesday and it is pretty neat-o. It’s purple with light purple accents. It’s for someone far, far away.

No, I haven’t mailed the Guilder scarf. I’m haven’t gone to Wal-Mart to get a mailing envelope big enough for it yet.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a funeral rosary for an old friend of a family, and I got decked out with my all-black ensemble.


And today I was helping myself to ramen.


I do apologize for the cruddy quality of the photos. A camera phone can only do so much, y’know?


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