Catch-ups and ketchups


It’s been me and a lack of sensible material these days. I could rant about how my job kicked me in the shins. I can grumble about the way the summer heat is back to its traditional levels. I can complain about things going on at the library.

But I am not. Not yet.

Instead, I’ll show you a photo of Odie playing ‘Roadkill’,


Zelda begging for pettings,


and me pouring tea.


Yesterday, the gym was my place to be.


And Friday, I went to one of the few local bakeries to serve long johns.


Not knitting much nowadays, but this is natural for me. When I finish a project, I tend to lay off the needles for a while and goof off doing other things. I still have the Chevron Scarf and the Striper Sleeve to do. Not to mention The Scarf. And a new project that is getting my attention with it’s lacy goodness. And Nenuphar is making its presence known in my head…and I do have that fluffy alpalca…hm…


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