This was my dinner: A potato & egg taco spiked with sriracha. Along an earlier helping of a small ham on croissant with mayo and pickled carrots. My tastes are weird. Shush.

I have been keeping busy, despite previous setbacks. For example, work is no longer needing my services until further notice. No idea when they will notify me. However, I have been getting some nifty work applications, so it is not a total loss.

I am also kinda adrift with the whole Friends of the Library thing. To those who are still wondering about that, back in May I was unanimously approved for President, thus doubling my responsibilities and causing a bit of chaos in the meanwhile. For example, I found that we have not filed for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, something that came as a shock to a good number of us, seeing that we were sure the penultimate administration filed. So these weeks has me poring through lots of paperwork and figuring out just what the heck to do. But we’re getting there.

Right now, I’m giving Odie a petting.



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