Tales of the World: Introductions


Hope you enjoy.


I sat down at the waiting room, trying not to look at the huge amount of beef in there. All types of Bulls were there: the thin, wiry Au’l, the powerfully-built humanoid Il’c’x, even the minotourish Ca’uy’l. Everyone was socializing. There was no xenophobia on this world. The concept itself was horrifying to the Bulls.

It has been a few years after the so-called invasion, and everyone crowded around these new lifeforms that wanted to see how we were, who were curious as to our customs as we were with theirs. It was fascinating for both of us, and provided lessons for both sides.

As I craned my head around, I could see some of the more familiar people – the fellow humans whose nationalities spanned the world.

The Bulls welcomed each race without rancor and with all of the graciousness of royalty, their hospitality shocking to some, humorous to others. They treated everyone equally, giving handshakes, bows, even embracing each other.

The reason of this engagement was simple: We all wanted to see the Great Father.

One of the things we learned about the Bulls was that they were polytheistic, their mythologies and legends firmly entrenched in their sciences and history. Another was that their gods walked the world.

Many humans were very curious about that, seeing that the only record of a god walking the Earth was technically his son, and that happened centuries ago. The Bulls nodded their heads in sympathy. Very sad, they said, for that to happen. Erodes the faith, they continued. So they invited whoever they wanted to come to one of their holy days, in which one can partake in the celebrations thereof.

The response was only to be expected by the Bulls. Hordes of people of every nationality and religion clamored to be taken, to see first-hand of the Great Father.

I, personally, came to see the world itself.

The histories were clear: War of Min’Alchune rocked the world; the aftershocks broke it into pieces. One of the shards was the creation of the Bulls, but the other was the land.

According to the scrolls, the world before was lush, green and tropical mostly everywhere. Now, there were rocky deserts and wastes. Before the Father’s appearance, the Mor’Ch’Aix – the Counsel of the Night – were driven insane and decided that if they could not win, then no one would, and blighted most of the world. They also had a massive killing spree, a so-called purge of those who thought who could survive.

Survive what, one might ask. Well, survive the destruction of society.

During the War, someone from the Counsel unleashed a plague, targeting the females of a certain region, as a punishment for one of their high generals defaulting to the opposing side. Everyone assumed that his lover was female; however, this was not true.

The scrolls state that the world before was virulently homophobic, that it was not only a crime against humanity but a treatable ‘sickness’ that could be fixed with a few minor tweaks in brain chemistry and a bit of psychological conditioning. Anyone who showed signs of such behavior was made to go to be ‘repaired’; those who refused were to be immediately executed. So it came as a shock to both sides when the person appeared with his male lover during one of the final battles. But it was too late for the Counsel to rescind the order: The plague was unleashed a day earlier.

It was also discovered that the plague was more virulent as expected, spreading quickly throughout the region, then the world. Not only that, but it cross-mutated with a more native virus and affected the males, turning them into deformed half-breeds of bull and humanoid.

During the battles after, the general and his lover were not seen. Some scholars theorized that they died off sometime after the plague was unleashed. Others said that they were killed by the very side that they helped. No one knows, and it might be one of the unsolved mysteries that the Bulls have.

But I am rambling.

So, the Counsel, in an unforgivable act of stupidity, went ahead and decided that no one was to win the war. They sent their generals on a genocide run on a huge scale, both distorting the world, thus making it uninhabitable for the populations, and killing off anyone who showed the slightest inclination for opposition.

About fifty years later, their time, the Great Father came into being. Apparently single-handedly destroying the Counsel and repaired what damage they did. By that time, however, the plague did its work, killing off the entire female population and utterly distorting the males into anthropomorphic versions of themselves.

The Father, in his wisdom, guided the scattered populations into one global whole, showing them how to rebuild the world that the Counsel was so ready to destroy.

Now, three hundred or so years, their time, here we Earthlings are, about to meet up with the Father as well.


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