*finalé* (June Photo Mode No. 29 & 30)


N0. 29: In My Bag


My Bag of Tricks. Has my knitting (The Scarf and the cabled one), my laptop, and its doohickies. I carry this bag all the time whenever I’m out and about. I knit, and sometimes write on the bus rides.

I also finished a sleeve.


After doing and redoing the cuff three times, I finally finished it. And, as you notice, it is a slimmer sleeve from what I did previously, because I fixed the decrease rows from every 8th row to 5th. (Actually, the calculations was to about 4.3 so I just rounded up.) Also, I found that my row gauge tightened up, so I had to do another stripe before getting to the cuff. I might have to redo that, but that will come later, after it’s blocked.

No. 30: Handwriting



Enough said. Keep in mind that my cursive is much sloppier, so I chose straight.


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