June Photo Mode No. 26 – 28


Now Listening: Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Main Stem
Mood: Moosie

It’s been pretty neat here. I got a bit of help with the bank fees and got a bit extra, so I am a glad moosie.

I also got a haircut.


My head could be said that it is ’empty’ of hair, right? Right? Didn’t think so. *shrugs*

Yesterday’s challenge, “Into the Sun”, had me scratching my head for a moment. I guess it meant a pic involving the giant star.


I feared that the phone-camera would short out with the brightness.

As for today’s challenge, ‘Red’, what would be more red than Catbert?


The Pointy-Haired Boss came in and goofed things up. 😉

I also took a ride to a new coffee shop.


Apparently opened a month ago, and the place is a quiet oasis in the middle of the downtown district.


I might come here instead of Starbucks. At least the coffee here is delicious.


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