So busy… (June Photo Mode No. 20-24)


Despite things going slightly downhill, things are doing okay. I got the bank to cut the fees in half, and someone to help pay the rest plus extra, so yeah, it’s okay. No word with work, though. I’m still doing online applications.

June 20: Cute

What is cuter than Odie?


Me, on the other hand, was busy crocheting.


I StumbledUpon a neat dishcloth pattern, and me, wanting to try out my crochet skills, decided to try it out.


I would like to try another one…

No. 21: Lunchtime

I’ve been taken to eating breakfast as an early lunch. With bacon.


What else can be said?

No. 22: Enjoying Life

I was supposed to show photos of me knitting the Striper Sleeve, but I was too busy knitting to take one. Sorry.

No. 23: Last

This could have been for No. 21, but seeing that we had these yesterday…


Mom made these amazing burgers with swiss cheese and cooked mushrooms and onions. They just had me enjoying every mouthful.


No. 24: Negative Space.

I had no idea how to pull this off, so instead, here’s a photo of me taking the bus home.



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