Thoughts of Striping the Striper (June Photo Mode No. 17-19)


As I am gently going down the sleeve of The Striper, my thoughts usually go from ‘knit one purl two’ line of Spirited Away to worries to what will actually happen when I finish the second sleeve and work the endless miles of the body. But then, I count how many rows I have done, decrease, and wonder if I had done enough rows of the stripe itself.

But this is hearsay, not narrative. We fellow knitters know that the hands that knit usually do the work while the brain races forward.

So, to carry on things, I have no idea how to finish the said sleeve. I really do not want to do ribbing, but instead work, say a thick band of scrolling around the wrist. I’d have the ribbing for the neck and the body. Or just leave the ribbing for the neck and just do a hem for the body. Or work a thick cuff for the sleeves of garter or some other non-curling pattern.

Even now, my mind is thinking of breaking tradition and doing the next stripe in a colorway design, not unlike an armband. I know it won’t happen with this one, but dangit, I can only take so much stripes in one sitting! (Don’t mention The Scarf, please. It’s in a class of its own.)

This week’s Photo Challenge has, in some cases, have been causing my brain to race on its own, making me take photos of one of the summer delights, our white crepe myrtle, perfectly centered in the photo – which was Monday’s topic.


And me off-center.


Yesterday’s challenge (Street) had me try to take a photo while we were driving.


Actually, that’s the best pic of the bunch. *sigh*


Whereas today’s (Currently Reading) was a twosome, thanks to Terra.


That is Cristie’s Partners In Crime she’s reading. She’s already on the third chapter, and going strong.


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