*rants and raves*


Been pretty much growly lately, which is kinda impressive because I’m a moose, not a bear.

So, anyway, to say a bit, I am about $140 in the red with my checking account.

It was caused by a misunderstanding with a delivery. I asked for them to deliver it in August, and they instead sent it to me Monday. And charged for it Friday, which started a cascade of bank fees because, silly me, I thought I still had money during the weekend! So I got fined for Mcds dollar drinks and a batch of doughnuts, which lead me to get into the difficulty that I am in now. *bitter smile*

It gets better.

I mentioned in Facebook a while back that the San Benito Lady Hounds (softball team) were the first ones in the entire region to get to UIL State. What I did not know was that one of our freelancers in the newspaper went on his own to cover the story. Without going into details, the work had to foot his bills for the entire trip, adding up to almost $1,000. That effectively dried up out the entire freelancer pay for the next three weeks or so as the office tries to save money. None of the other freelancers, including me, are not going to get paid this week. Next pay period is not looking good either.

I am feeling so fucking beat down I could cry.

Right now, I am talking with the bank to see if I can get some of the debt fixed. The company that started this mess were very apologetic, saying that it was a malfunction of their online order form, but seeing that Mom opened the package while I was gone then, I cannot send it back, meaning I cannot get a refund.

Still, it’s glorious outside. The days are hot, yes, but the entire garden’s in bloom. We have roses, crepe myrtles, and the last of the amyrillas in glorious, fantastic bloom. We have the occasional thunderstorm, but afterwards the sun shows up and makes it humid. Still, it’s better than me taking out the hose and watering.


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