June Photo Mode No. 12-15


No. 12: Eleven o’clock


Mom took me out to the local diner to get some noms. I also explained what I have been doing all this time with all these photos, and she just nodded. I think she’d getting tolerable of my doings. Might.

No. 13: Kitchen


And a photo of me eating a roast beef with swiss on wheat in said kitchen.


No. 14: Texture

Garter stitch has plenty of the stuff. *nods*


I’ve passed the halfway mark with The Scarf, and it couldn’t be more fun. Especially when it just drapes to the floor into a puddle of striped fabric. And the looks of people when it’s in that puddle! *chuckles*

No. 15: From Above

I had this huge well-thought out idea of Bearnard pouncing me from above, but the camera had to be recharged, so I took one from my cell.


Oh well.


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